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The Reality of Today’s Workplaces

If you are a senior executive in today’s fast-paced work environment, chances are you struggle with many of these issues:

  • Workplace Polarization: Many organizations suffer from divisions between departments, management levels, and even within teams. This fragmentation often leads to a lack of cohesion, communication breakdowns, and decreased productivity.
  • Inconsistent Corporate Culture: Without understanding the underlying human needs and behaviors that inform a strong and engaging culture, executives often struggle to create a unified, positive environment that motivates employees and drives company success.
  • Ineffective Sales and Marketing Strategies: Traditional strategies may fail to fully tap into the primal drivers of consumer behavior. This often results in missed opportunities, ineffective campaigns, and a lack of market engagement.
  • Resistance to Change: Humans are inherently resistant to change, and without the right strategies in place, companies can struggle with innovation and adaptation, making it difficult to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.
  • Employee Disengagement: Without a deep understanding of the innate needs and motivators of employees, executives may find it challenging to inspire passion and dedication, leading to decreased performance and high turnover rates.


The Primal Brain Company Executive Advisory

The Primal Brain Company executive advisory service, grounded in the principles of evolutionary psychology, offers solutions to these complex problems, setting your company on a path of resilience, adaptation, and enduring success.

Welcome to the unparalleled advisory expertise of Tim Ash, your personal guide in applying the profound insights of evolutionary psychology to business growth strategies! Tim’s transformative approach sees your company as a living organism, inherently bound by the laws of evolution, and he is passionately committed to helping you unleash its full potential.

Tim skillfully addresses the challenges of polarization within organizations. He navigates the natural human tendency towards ‘us vs them’ divisions, guiding your teams beyond artificial boundaries to foster a unified, stronger whole. This unity forms the foundational bedrock upon which the rest of your company can confidently build.

With an understanding of tribal dynamics borne from our shared evolutionary past, Tim helps you foster an inclusive and resonating corporate culture. By aligning your company’s culture with our innate human desires for connection and belonging, Tim ignites a powerful commitment in your workforce that drives them toward your vision.

Tim’s innovative approach to sales and marketing leverages primal drivers of consumer behavior. By crafting value propositions that speak to these innate human needs, he ensures that your marketing engagement resonates deeply, propelling significant sales growth.

In a world where the only constant is change, Tim Ash equips you to transform your company into an agile, adaptive entity – ready to not just survive, but thrive amidst business ecosystem challenges. With problem-solving and strategic planning grounded in evolutionary psychology, he charts a unique path to sustained business success. Prepare to experience a transformative shift in how your business operates under the guidance of Tim Ash, as he awakens the untapped evolutionary potential within your organization. 

Welcome to the next stage of corporate evolution!


How It Works

Tim works directly with a limited number of senior executives. You get unlimited on-call access to Tim Ash directly. All you have to do is schedule an online meeting and attend it. You may include other colleagues in any meeting, and have as many meetings as you need to get insights and actionable advice. Each meeting will be recorded and provided to you for future replay and review. 


The Benefits

  • Fresh Perspective: An outside advisor brings a new perspective, unclouded by internal politics or preconceived notions. They can provide unbiased assessments and recommendations that employees may overlook due to ingrained cultural norms or fear of challenging the status quo.
  • Specialized Expertise: Tim Ash has deep specialized knowledge and skills in evolutionary psychology. This expertise can provide insights and strategies that go beyond the existing capabilities of your company’s employees.
  • Experience Across Industries: As the twenty-year CEO of a digital marketing agency Tim has created over $1,200,000,000 in documented value for companies across different industries, giving him a broad perspective and a vast reservoir of best practices that can be applied in innovative ways.
  • Time Efficiency: Your employees often have multiple responsibilities, and strategic insights may not be their primary focus. With The Primal Brain Company advisory,  you can devote full attention to strategizing, allowing for a more in-depth and efficient process.
  • Neutral Perspective: Tim doesn’t have personal stakes in internal politics or previous decisions. This allows them to make recommendations based on what’s truly best for the company, without the influence of internal dynamics.
  • Staff Development: Consultants not only advise but can also help train your employees in new approaches or strategies. This knowledge transfer can help your team become more effective in the long run.
  • Accountability and Motivation: The Primal Brain Company advisory can provide a sense of urgency, accountability, and focus. This external accountability can drive results, providing a tangible return on investment, and motivate your team to implement changes swiftly and effectively.

The impact of The Primal Brain Company goes beyond advising. It facilitates growth, inspires change, and leaves a lasting positive impact on your company.



In order to be of true service and maximum value to clients, The Primal Brain Company advisory is only available to a select number of senior executives at a given time. Please contact Tim Ash directly to explore a fit and discuss current availability. Email