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Tim’s New Keynote for Senior Executives – Private Draft of Speech


You are seeing this page because you are a friend and trusted colleague of mine.

I have been working for the past year on a new keynote and have prepared a rough-cut recorded version of it for you to review. I would appreciate you watching it and providing some specific feedback.

Thank you!

Tim Ash

Instructions & Notes:

    • Confidentiality – Please do not share this with anyone (even if you love it… 🙂 ). Feel free to suggest other reviewers to me afterwards.
    • Very rough – I am still reading off the script and do not have the speech memorized. I am also messing around with new video recording/production equipment and the delivery and timing may feel awkward. At this stage of the rehearsal process this is to be expected, and I am mainly focused on the structure and content, and not the delivery. Trust me, that part will be super-tight before I do it in front of important audiences.
    • Intended audience – The intended audience are senior executives in mid-sized companies (or divisions of larger enterprises). Approximate annual sales of $10-250MM/yr. All industries, with a US focus. I expect the demographic to be 45 years old and higher, and lean somewhat towards men.  Please put yourself in the shoes of someone in this role/situation.
    • Talk track is for an in-person speech  – Although I have recorded this online version for you, this script is for an in-person live-event keynote. So when audience interaction is required, I would like you to react as if you are at an in-person event. Later, I will have an online-summit version of the script.
    • Type of speech – This is intended to be a visionary speech designed to get executives to think differently about a difficult problem. It is not a detailed how-to speech. Please see the description below first – that will be the context in which people will experience the speech.
    • How to watch – Please watch the speech in full-screen mode (not on your phone), at 1X speed (40 minutes), and in a single seating. I want you to experience it in one-shot – similar to how the audience would. Feel free to take notes, but do not pause the recording. Please see video link below.
    • How to give feedback – I would love 5 minutes of your time immediately after to complete a Google form with some specific questions. After you do that, I would be happy to have a more freeform Zoom conversation at your your convenience. Please see feedback form link below.
    • Copy of the script – I have included the slides and script document, but please do NOT look at it until you have watched the video and provided your feedback.

Session Description:

Primal Brain Company: Build powerful teams with positive polarization

Why can’t we ever just get along?…

Deep polarization touches every corner of our society, personal lives, and work!

As an executive, you’ve seen the devastating effects in your workplace:

    • Inter-team conflicts
    • Reduced productivity and engagement
    • Higher employee turnover
    • Inability to attract top talent

Polarization is not some “soft” issue.

It is the brutal reality blocking your success, and you can’t get rid of it!

But what if you could:

    • Understand the roots and advantages of polarization?
    • Reliably and intentionally polarize powerful teams?
    • Turn polarization into an unbeatable ally?

Well, you can!

Evolutionary psychology expert and bestselling author Tim Ash takes you on a provocative tour through our distant past to upgrade your modern workplace.

    • Hone your leadership skills: Discover why certain initiatives foster unity while others unintentionally promote division.
    • Fortify team dynamics: Recognize the subtle triggers that provoke tribalism within teams and learn to redirect them towards collaborative excellence.
    • Boost organizational health: Implement strategies that not only acknowledge our primal instincts but utilize them to create a stronger, more cohesive company culture.

Don’t miss this transformative experience!



Feedback Form:


Slides & Script: 

Please DO NOT look at this until after you have watched the video and provided your feedback.