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Leveraging Polarization to Build Stronger Companies & Teams

Polarization in the workplace

In the unforgiving realm of corporate competition, understanding human behavior is not just a luxury—it’s the key to unlocking unrivaled power and performance. As an executive, you are no stranger to the perils of internal polarization; teams torn apart by conflicts, disrupted by invisible psychological divides. But have you ever pondered the ancient origins of these divisions? The ancestral terrain where these fissures were first formed.

Our distant ancestors, roaming the wild savannas, were constantly battling the elements, predatory threats, and each other for dominance. In this crucible of survival, our brains evolved specific patterns: an instinctual pull towards tribes, a tendency to view outsiders with suspicion, and the drive to rally against common threats. These primal forces, embedded deep within our psyche, are still alive and at play in the boardrooms and cubicles of today’s corporate world.

By understanding the evolutionary psychology roots of polarization, you, the Evolved Leader, can:

  • Hone your leadership skills: Discover why certain initiatives foster unity while others unintentionally promote division.
  • Fortify Team Dynamics: Recognize the subtle triggers that provoke tribalism within teams and learn to redirect them towards collaborative excellence.
  • Boost Organizational Health: Implement strategies that not only acknowledge our primal instincts but utilize them to create a stronger, more cohesive company culture.

The future of your company rests on your shoulders. With insights rooted in the dawn of humanity, you can sculpt a team that thrives in unity, breaks through barriers, and sets the gold standard for corporate success.

Harness the power of the past to forge an unparalleled future for your company. For the discerning executive ready to shape a dynasty, this is your moment. Begin the journey by experiencing Tim Ash’s powerful evolutionary psychology perspective.



Unleash Your Primal Brain: The evolved leader’s guide to leveraging polarization

Why can’t we ever just get along?…

Have you noticed that we automatically form into opposing groups over differences big and small?

And fiercely defend our positions?

Deep tribalism touches every corner of our society, personal lives, and work!

As an executive, you’ve seen the devastating effects of tribalism in your workplace:

  • Inter-team conflicts
  • Reduced productivity and engagement
  • Higher employee turnover
  • Inability to attract top talent

Polarization is not some “soft” issue.

It is the brutal reality blocking your success, and you can’t get rid of it!


What if you could understand the roots and advantages of polarization?

What if you could reliably polarize powerful teams intentionally?

What if you could turn polarization into an unbeatable ally?

Well, you can!

Evolutionary psychology expert and bestselling author Tim Ash takes you on a provocative tour through our distant past.

After this journey you will be able to unlock polarization’s positive power.

With new insights, executives and leaders can reliably create fiercely dedicated, loyal and unified companies and teams.

Don’t miss this transformative experience!


About Tim Ash

Tim Ash is the creator of the Primal Brain Company method for bonding companies and teams with the foundational framework based on sound evolutionary psychology principles:

  • Tribespotting – Identifying the multitude of overlapping cultural and behavioral tribes in your workplace today
  • Creating the Cultural Package and defining the out-group – the full set of tribal knowledge that you need to succeed
  • Positively polarizing your company or team – Using the five strategies of the Positive Polarization Toolkit to bond your workplace
Read Tim Ash’s full bio.