Primal Brain Marketing Mastermind with Tim Ash


Are you ready to drive your marketing effectiveness through the roof?

The “unfair advantage” – direct access to a world-class expert and teacher

Tim Ash (see full bio)  is a field-tested veteran of online marketing. He has been a dynamic leader in the field since 1995 and created over $1,200,000,000.00+ in documented value for agency clients around the world, including Google, Nestle, Expedia, Canon, Siemens, and hundreds of others. Tim has been recognized by Forbes as a Top-10 Online Marketing Expert, and by Entrepreneur Magazine as an Online Marketing Influencer To Watch.

He is a gifted presenter, the author of three bestselling books, and has a passion for selflessly teaching and inspiring others. Tim has spoken and keynoted at over two hundred events across four continents (ranging from intimate CEO gatherings to giant stages of 12000 people). He shines in small groups and workshop settings, and loves to make his content and insights personally relevant for all attendees. 


What’s included

  • Monthly teaching sessions – Tim Ash will personally present on a wide range of topics and will often debut new material from his new bestselling book within the group (typical format is 45 minutes of presentation and 45 minutes of extended Q&A)
  • Monthly guest teaching sessions – Tim will personally curate and bring in outside colleagues to present to the group (typical format is 45 minutes of presentation and 45 minutes of extended Q&A)
  • Monthly mastermind sessions – A selected member will present a challenge that they are facing, and the group (moderated by Tim) will deep dive to collaborate and provide support. Members will actively participate and help each other, creating a true collective “mastermind”!
  • Monthly office hours – Tim will make himself available for anyone who wants to stop by. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with Tim and get some specific input regarding your business or anything on your mind. 
  • Direct peer connections – Only exceptional marketing leaders will be part of this group. You will have direct access to the other members. This provides ongoing support, perspective, and often creates amazing opportunities outside the mastermind. 
  • Referrals to quality people and resources – Tim and other mastermind members have deep networks, and can often connect you with high-integrity people or companies based on specific needs.
  • Primal Brain Tips emails – Tim will occasionally send thought-provoking tips or curated links to important content that embodies effective neuromarketing principles (only sent to mastermind members). 
  • Personalized books – You will get autographed and personalized copies of Tim’s Landing Page Optimization, and Unleash Your Primal Brain books. 
  • Discounts on working with Tim – If you want to work directly with Tim (either for digital marketing consulting, or keynotes and training) you will receive 20% off of his services while you are a member. Often this benefit alone pays for your complete mastermind investment! 
  • Access to all past content – A library of all teachings and meeting recordings is available and will continue to grow in value. This content will never be shared outside of the group. 
  • An internet strategy consultation with Tim – Any new member (or annual re-enrolling member) gets a personalized ninety-minute discussion to uncover value inside of their business (recorded for later viewing by them). 


Is this right for me?

The goal of this mastermind is to upgrade your marketing effectiveness by applying durable neuromarketing principles grounded in evolutionary psychology. From this strong foundation you can lead your company to dramatically better sustainable results. If you are content to simply collect your paycheck and do not have a growth mindset, this group is not for you. 

The ideal candidate:

  • A marketing leader (team manager to senior executive, founder, or company owner) 
  • Responsible for driving at least one million dollars in annual sales or lead value
  • Has a personal-improvement mindset and never stops learning
  • Is open, trusting, collaborative, and able to listen to outside advice
  • Excited to actively engage and work with other mastermind members
  • A high-integrity person who will honor time commitments and strict confidentiality 
  • Wants to surround themselves with an experienced mentor and elite peers
  • Is willing to commit to building a strong ongoing group and to invest in themselves


Bonus for the first five members! 

Since the group is newly forming, the first five founding members will receive the following benefits:

  • Input in terms of selecting teaching agenda and guest presenter scheduling
  • A second dedicated set of monthly office hours only for founding members

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your company’s marketing effectiveness?


Am I eligible?

This mastermind group is very selective and will be strictly limited to 15 people. The ideal candidate qualifications described above will be carefully evaluated. An application is required to ensure a culture fit and the proper commitment. 

You can expect at least a 10X return on your investment in the growth of your business. 

Please complete the following eligibility questionnaire. If you are qualified, you will be invited to schedule a 30-minute meeting with Tim Ash to discuss a possible opportunity to join the mastermind.